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Aitareyopanishad – Shankarabhashyam


Aitareyopanishad – Shankarabhashyam

by Sankaracharya

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Aitareyopanishad – Shankarabhashyam is a gem in Malayalam literature history, it is the book narrated by Adi Shankara himself. Sankaracharya has written a wonderful introduction to Aitareyopanishad which clearly states that how important the Upanishad is.  World’s, guardians of the worlds and beginning of human life is very well described in this book and deities like Agni is also included in Aitareyopanishad – Shankarabhashyam. The Shankarabhashyam is not extremely different but seems more narrative of the content, Astral projection, Timer travel and Astral Dynamics are amazingly portrayed in Aitareyopanishad – Shankarabhashyam in an understandable way.

The knowledge of Vamadeva Guru and the beginning of life in womb, transitions of body and life, changes in the soul is also included in Aitareyopanishad – Shankarabhashyam.

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