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Sankhyajyothisham (Numerology) – Malayalam Book


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Sankhyajyothisham (Numerology)  is considered to be the connection between numbers and words of particular ideas or name of a person and Astrological aspects related to sky and planets. Sankhyajyothisham is additionally the investigation of the numerical estimation of the letters in words, names and thoughts.

Sankhyajyothisham (Numerology) is a method of ascertaining fortunate number from a man’s date of birth, and proposing names or spelling changes in existing names according to the number. It is believed in Sankhyajyothisham (Numerology) that if the number calculated from the date of birth matches with the name of the person he or she will be lucky to get the fortunes that describes in  Sankhyajyothisham (Numerology).

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