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Prasnopanishad Malayalam Upanishad Book


Prasnopanishad Malayalam Upanishad Book

by Swami Mrudananada

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Prasnopanishad is a Malayalam spiritual book translated in Malayalam,As the name implies, this religious writing discusses philosophical issues through the medium of queries and answers between six students and a sage. The queries relate to the supply of all beings, the quantity of deities, the character of the force, the character of waking, dream, and sleep states, meditation on OM, and therefore the nature of the best Reality. to all or any these queries the sage provides an acceptable answer, creating it straightforward of comprehension by means that of attention-grabbing analogies and similes. a comprehensible and trustworthy translation on of the text in conjunction with Shankaracharya’s statement thereon can facilitate the scholars of Hinduism to grasp this religious writing within the right spirit.

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