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Naalukettu Malayalam Novel ; The first of its kinda, the masterpiece and debut Malaylam Novel by M. T Vasudevan Nair . Nalukettu was published on 1958 and got it fame through the winning hearts it projected; the Malayalam Novel could gather all kinds of readers by its effective story telling method. M. T. Vasudevan Nair was neither famous nor known to the society before this beautiful Malayalam novel.┬áNaalukettu Malayalam Novel was one of the best Malayalam Novels ever made it’s way to Malayalam literature.

Naalukettu Malayalam Novel could be a veritable depiction of the matriarchal social order of Kerala’s Nair community in its final gasp forever. The hero Appunni could be a descendant of a once wealthy and powerful family. Appunni is that the son of a girl WHO married a person of her own decisions and WHO failed to marry the person whom her Karnavar instructed. thus she needs to leave the family along with her son and Appunni grows up while not a father and removed from the status and protection of the matrilinear home to that he belongs. The Malayalam Novel captures the traumas and psychological graph of Appunni, AN introvert and angry youth, assuming to revenge the insult disbursed to him in an exceedingly matrilinear family by building a brand new building on the ruins of his ancestral home.

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