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Sri Devimahatmyam – Malayalam Book


Published by :- R.S.VADHYAR & SONS, Palakkad

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Sri Devi Mahathmyam is a Malayalam BOLD LETTERS transliteration of Sanskrit Sree Devi Mahathmyam also famous as Sree Durga Saptha Shathi. It is a sacred text to the Hindu-worshippers of the Goddess Chandi. The Book covers 17 rare subjects like Chanting method, Navangam etc. The book has 262 pages and is soft bounded, the text is printed in big bold Malayalam letters. Sree Devi Mahathmyam Malayalam Book is compiled by Pandit Shri L.Anandarama Shastri and published by  R.S VADHYAR & SONS, Kalpathi, Palghat.1/8 crown size

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