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Home Story Pathummayude Aadu Malayalam Novel

Pathummayude Aadu Malayalam Novel


Pathummayude Aadu Malayalam Novel

By Vaikom muhammed Basheer

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Pathummayude Aadu Malayalam Novel is most famous work of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer based on a true life story he witnessed. The Malayalam novel is more about a village life and events happening that village which can be related to the Author’s life. Pathummayude Aadu Malayalam Novel is an entertainment novel by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The characters of the Malayalam novel are his own family members and the events happens¬† at his home in Thalayolaparambu. The goat in the story belongs to his sister Pathumma and thus the name Pathummayude Aadu . The authorVaikom Muhammad Basheer begins the novel with an alternative title for the book, Pennungalude Buddhi.

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